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The long awaited game that teaches you the basics of the Utai singing in Noh has arrived! Now everyone can easily learn and have tons of fun with the ancient Japanese performing art of Noh. Have you ever tried to sing Utai? With SUPER UTAI you can easily learn the basics and perform in front of audience. The better your performance, the more fans will come listen to you. Can you become so good, that even the most prominent figures in Noh history come listen to you? Can you collect all trophies?

◆ A game that can equally be enjoyed by children and adults!
The seven basic tones in Noh are represented by colored dots. The changes of these tones are in turn represented by special signs called Fushi. Each Fushi sign corresponds to a certain pattern in the colored dots. At first you must collect the dots in their proper pitch line to advance further. If you do well, the dots will start to disappear and you will have to use the Fushi signs as a guide to the required change of tone. It is not as complex as it may sound. Try for yourself. The fewer mistakes you make, the more fans will come to listen. Can you make lots of fans?

◆ You can learn to sing Noh songs!
We have selected the most popular Noh songs in the Kanze school repertoire for your entertainment. Besides the “game” mode, there is an “exercise” mode that works like a karaoke machine. You can use it to learn certain excerpts from Noh plays, such as “Takasago”, which is often performed at Japanese traditional weddings.

◆ Three difficulty modes - plum, bamboo and pine!
If you think you have learned the Fushi signs, try one of the next levels, where you have no colored dots to guide you. The higher the difficulty level, the better the chance a rare guest will come listen to you.

◆ The guests will teach you about the history of Noh!
When you get an excellent score on a difficult level, a new rare guest will be added to your fan group. You can learn about the guests by tapping on them in the special guest lounge. Can you collect all of the guests?

◆ Constantly expanding library.
We are aiming to make a big library of Noh songs and full plays. We intend to add the more popular and most auspicious songs and plays for your enjoyment.

With SUPER UTAI you can become a part of the history of the most ancient still existing masked drama. What are you waiting for? Download SUPER UTAI and become a Noh legend!